– Become a Legend!

Every organization will have a time when a common purpose, vision or project is born.  

As a storytelling coach, I guide groups and individuals to these origins to experiences that reflect the dreams and challenges of individual or group existence. Together we can re-discover the energy of these special times and bring it into today’s reality.

Team Training – Success with StorieS

In Success with Stories training we recall the early beginnings and visions of your team. From this starting point we build the framework of your team story. Historical turning points, future visions/goals and methods to reach them can be incorporated into that founding story.

In this training we can focus on the organizational story or the individual stories of the team members.

The training is ideal for situations where an organization or team is searching for a new way or impulse to manifest its goals. This training is ideal, if you are starting a startup or involved in an educational project or cultural event.

Presentation – Follow Your Myth

In my Follow Your Myth presentation I explain how to use stories and myths at work and in your personal life. I give a taste of the exercises and techniques in Follow Your Myth workshop.


In Follow Your Myth, we explore how our skills and talents appear in our childhood dreams and memories. We will learn how those images, symbols and forces are present in our lives and how they can guide our way into the future.