My name is Eero Peltonen. I am a transformation coach who helps organizations and individuals find their sparks of success. My services include facilitation training, consultations, presentations and educational services.

I started my coaching in the beginning of the 1990´s. Since then, my work and studies in leadership training and conflict management have led me all around the world.

I carry with me the wisdom of both old and modern times, an innovative attitude, a humorous way of expression and a contagious creativity.

My clients are provided with tools which

  • open up new visions and possibilities
  • bring objectivity and perspective to each situation
  • create team spirit and individual well-being
  • help in setting and achieving goals
  • transform individual and group potential into action
  • lead to personal or organizational success

My services can be tailored according to your specific needs. The price depends on the duration of the training and the amount of participants.

I hope I´ve managed to peak your interest. Email or call me and I will do my best to meet your wishes.