My knowledge about coaching stems from training in over 10 countries, including Switzerland, the United States and Great Britain. My training at seminars and conferences focused on conflict management, group facilitation and leadership development. Through these experiences in culturally diverse groups I have learned to stay centered while observing and supporting different styles of communication.

While doing my international studies I began to explore the historical and mythological aspects of my Finno-Ugric, Finno-Baltic and Scandinavian roots. These experiences have given me a chance to become a link in the worldwide chain of leaders, healers and artists.

I provide consultations, training and educational services to both groups and individuals. You can choose to strengthen your personality or focus on achieving successs for your team or organization. These services complement each other, so you can benefit from taking both of them.

Here you can find information about my coaching and training for organizations.

Forging of Sampo – a 5-step programme for creating products, services and ideas.

Success with Stories – training to find the seeds for success through storytelling.

Take the Stage – training to improve your skills and finding joy in public speaking and performing.

Healing time – two training events that explore and link traditional and modern ways of healing.

Here you find the information about my supervision and life-coaching for individuals.

These services follow the same guidelines as my services for groups. Individual supervision can be organized through telephone, Skype, FaceTime or face to face.


Feeling stuck? Need a plan for realizing your goals? I can assist you in dealing with issues that prevent you from making changes in your professional life. I will guide you to take a look at life from a distance and find your true nature. I will help you to introduce your potential, courage and talents. This consultation is the individual version of Forging of Sampo.


No clear vision in life? Feeling stuck? Lacking in energy? I will guide you to explore your childhood dreams, memories or other important moments and events in your life. We will work together to release and use the creative resources in these experiences.  We will see how they illuminate your path, give direction and connect to your life myth. This consultation is the individual version of Success with Stories.


Would you like to sing on stage or speak in public, but feel a bit shy? I can help you to use, enjoy and celebrate your voice. I will guide you to find songs and exercises that enrich your voice and support your natural way of expression. I will help you feel relaxed while performing. Come and explore and strengthen your voice, or find convincing ways to use your voice professionally. This training is the individual version of Take the Stage.


How to restore balance in your life? What does your body communicate to you?  I will use the healing wisdom of Finnish and Karelian tradition to support your health and well-being. I can accompany you to find situations, which have shaken the balance of your body or your mind. Together we will focus on these experiences and search for their dormant potential. This counselling is the individual version of Healing Time.