– Discover Your Voice!

My history as a performer reaches back over 30 years. Working with voice has always been a central part of my life. I have been singing in choirs and folk music groups, and these days I perform mainly as a solo artist. I enjoy all kinds of music, but especially folk music, traditional and world music. My favourite theatre forms are Playback Theatre and musical theatre.

I have also a long history as a vocal coach, as well as a performance and creative expression coach. Here I present my services as a voice, speech and performance coach and as a performing artist.

For many of us, communication skills and confidence in using our voice plays an essential role in being succesful – especially in professional life. I encourage my clients to find and enjoy their personal style of speaking or singing in public. I help them to find the unique colour and sound of their voices. I accompany them on their path to gaining confidence and becoming inspiring, convincing and entertaining performers and public speakers.

In olden times it was important to remember as many poetic and epic stories as possible in order to pass on the tradition.  As a professional singer of legends and myths, I belong to this lineage of singers from Finno-Ugric and Finno-Baltic traditions.

My Performances

I can help you in situations that call for an inspirational singer with a cultural twist. My performances include traditional Finnish music, throat singing, ballads and lullabies – even sing-alongs and storytelling.

The traditional songs are based on the myths and legends of the Kalevala, the national epic of Karelia and Finland. The most archaic songs tell about the bear hunting rituals, the origins of life and the use of healing charms.

Speech and Voice Training

Team Training – Take the Stage

Take the Stage training provides tools that help to find confidence in performing and speaking in public. You can learn how to prepare yourself for getting up in front of an audience. You will learn simple techniques to strengthen and relax your voice and deal with stage fright.

Presentation – Discover Your Voice

In Discover Your Voice presentations I explore and demonstrate how we can find our own voice and find the joy of singing. We explore our personal style of performing and sing a song or two together.


In Discover Your Voice, we work towards discovering our unique voices. We release our voices, enjoy the freedom of sounds and open the gift of our song.