– workshop

The workshop is dedicated to those curious about Finno-Ugric, Baltic-Finnic and Scandinavian healing traditions. The aim is to learn and experience the wisdom and practice of Finnish and Karelian folk healing. Karelia is a region in Finland and Russia that carries a lot of traditional wisdom and cultural heritage.

During the workshop each participant gets a chance to explore her/his healing path. The foundation for this exploration comes from the archives of Finnish and Karelian tradition.  We will see scenes of old films and listen to archive recordings. Each participant gets also a chance to experiment how the healing traditions can be used nowadays. This is done by exercises which are based on the tradition, updated, and tailored to fit the modern times. These exercises will be demonstrated. They are easy to learn and take back home – to friends or to professional life.

The workshop gives participants a chance to research, understand and get a personal experience of how traditional healers worked. How they tracked the original situation that made the patient ill. How they dealt with the natural element, person or object that caused this misfortune. And what was needed to restore balance – to remove the unwanted guest from the body of the patient.